Class Critique

This was definitely, my favorite class this semester. I took something positive away from each and every assignment. I may not have been excited going into each one, but I was open to learning and that made things more interesting and fun. Although, a lot of people were nervous or didn’t want to do the photo-booth project, I think this was the greatest learning experience. It was an uncomfortable experience at first, but it was great to have friends to work with and made the experience more enjoyable. Nancy, you really are a great professor. You made class fun and kept the environment relaxed. I think everyone would agree that they learned a lot and enjoyed this class.

Blog Evaluation

Over the course of this semester we were required to complete various projects and assignments. For this assignment, I am to choose 2 favorites and 1 least favorite. The project I enjoyed the most would have to be the photo-booth project. What I liked about it, was that it forced most of us outside of our comfort zone and required us to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. It was great to have a team, Clarissa and Pat, to bring this entire idea together. Although, we were all a little nervous going into it, I think we all did a great job, helped each other along the way, and made it workout to the best of our ability.

My second favorite would have to be the Diptych & Triptych project. The reason I enjoyed this project is because it was challenging to identify what to shoot and what story to tell. This made me focus on things that I wouldn’t normally pay much attention to and helped broaden my creativity. For the diptych, I decided to shoot my paints and paintbrushes, which conveyed the message of my passion for painting. For the triptych, I wanted to shoot somewhat of a timeline. I used two balloons and a knife to show the balloons going from inflated to deflated.

It’s pretty hard to choose my least favorite assignment in the class because I felt like I learned something from all of them. With that being said, I personally had the most difficulty with the night photography project. It wasn’t that I didn’t find this project interesting, but more so that I just sucked at it. Understanding that I’m not great at it now doesn’t mean that I won’t get better later. It was still a fun and interesting project. I just felt like these photos were my weakest of the semester.

Big Mac Challenge

Today is May 1st. We were assigned the “Big Mac Challenge” last week, where we are essentially required to improvise a miniature light box, from a Big Mac container. I used a mini LED flashlight, some tape, a straw, and the Big Mac container. The person I chose to photograph for this assignment, was my beautiful girlfriend. Projects like these are always a great excuse to spend more time with one another. At first, I wasn’t too fond of the concept, but surprisingly it was more fun and challenging than I thought. Definitely had to get up close for the box to reflect the light properly, but I think we got some great shots and had fun doing so.


April 14th, Ciao and I visited the exhibition at MOPA. The museum is located in Balboa park. I was actually surprised that the exhibition wasn’t as boring as I had expected. Although, the museum was fairly small, there was a lot of interesting work inside. There were a few images that caught my attention, more than others. The photographs full of floral patterns and flowers really caught my eye. This was mainly because of the vibrant colors and I’ve always had a love for color. I chose to take my inspired photos in relation to these images.

Pictorialism Project

This past Sunday, April 18th, Ciao and I went down to Balboa park. We visited MOPA and during this visit, I was inspired to do my pictorials project. I noticed the detailed arches surrounding the sidewalks and hallways. Immediately, I thought it would be a cool idea to use the framing technique for this project. Framing, along with photos taken of plants in the park, would be my focus for this work. I found a lot of cool and interesting plants in the arboretum and thought they would fit perfectly within the arches. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way they came out and I enjoyed this project.

Photo Booth Project

Last Thursday, April 4th, we went out to do our shoot for the Photo Booth project. My group members were Clarissa and Pat. We decided to go downtown to the Gaslamp quarter, for a number of reasons. There is always a good amount of people in the area, we thought that if people had been drinking they’d be more open to photos, and it is also a very diverse area. We found a spot to setup our gear, just outside of Starbucks, on Fourth Ave and Market St.

For the concept of this project, I really wanted to have a focus on people’s eyes. Some of the reasons: I think eyes tell a story about the individual, we can see emotion expressed through a person’s eyes, they’re unique in their own way, and I felt that the person being photographed would feel more comfortable. Different colored fabrics were chosen, to add a variety to our photos. The fabrics also created a vibrant contrast between the person’s skin tone and the black backdrop, which resulted in a nice sense of depth. Unintentionally, I believe this project helped blur social barriers and break some stereotypes.

Overall, we stayed there and shot for about 3 hours or so and the turnout was great! Definitely a great experience!

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